Elden Ring leaves GoW Ragnarok in the dust; GotY trophies are handed out


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28 December 2022, 13:41

Most have won Game of the Year titles. Industry media and gamers seem to be almost unanimous in their choice.

Elden Ring or God of War: Ragnarok? We have been wondering for a long time which of these two productions will win the most game titles in the year 2022. Many gaming websites have already made their choice. It turns out that one title doesn’t compete with another, or – even less – with the rest. which one

Indeed, an unbeatable winner The Elden Ring. FromSoftware’s work has garnered a total of 145 Game of the Year titles – 136 from industry media and 9 from players (readers). Second in classification, God of War: Ragnarok Only 26 of them won (24 from the press, 2 from the community).

The data was collected by ResetEra forum users This thread. Then an internet user with the nickname BrickArts295 compiled them into a summary. Initially, the website to be used for their publication GameAwards.net – as in previous years – but currently unavailable, a forum thread will suffice.

A total of 193 Game of the Year 2022 titles are listed together (the website shows an incorrect number of 187). The Elden Ring And God of War: Ragnarok A total of 171 people were picked up. Which games were selected in the remaining 22 cases? Their list can be found below. Note that this will be supplemented with additional items in the coming days. However, the success of FromSoftware’s work is not threatened by anything – its advantage is huge

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