Cyberpunk 2077 with new location and quest; An ambitious mode is available



We made a mistake in the first version of this news. The previous edition of the mod had no serious technical issues. The problems are caused by users trying to run the mod on unsupported versions of the game.

The new version of the mod has been improved with checks against unsupported game versions to avoid such problems. We apologize for the mistake. The article has been edited to correct this error.

For the first few months after Cyberpunk 2077’s release, the game’s modding community focused primarily on reworking the gameplay. However, in the last few months, fans have found ways to introduce new content and we are finally starting to get the first projects of this kind. The latest is The Quest – The Lower Market Rewards Limited Edition.

The mod allows us to explore an extensive, previously inaccessible location in the game in the form of the so-called Lower Market, located near V’s apartment. Also, there is a new quest addedThis is performed repeatedly, earning perk points for upgrading our characters.

You can only reach the Lower Market after completing the reward from the T-Bug quest and repairing the elevator that leads to this location. Exploration involves solving simple puzzles at access points.

The edit was created by a fan with the handle AnyGood Name. It is based on solutions developed by Kratos. Other modders have figured out how to add new locations to the game. He released projects like Dewdrop Inn Enhanced, H8 Expanded or Lizzy’s Bar Enhanced. They are all based on the same idea – they unlock previously unavailable locations and offer new options and challenges related to them.

We’ll have to wait until next year for official new content for the game. Only then is it expected to be released in the form of the first and only expansion pack Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty. The expansion will be available for PC, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PlayStation 5.


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