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30 December 2022, 17:34

In this article, we answer the question of how many players can play Project Zomboid. Learn all about co-op.

Project Zomboid is a game that lets you take on the role of a survivor after a zombie apocalypse. Thousands of players decided to give this title a chance. Many of them liked the production so much that they decided to play with others. The game has allowed this for a long time. In this article, we will answer the question of how many players can play together in multiplayer mode. The coop in this game can be really big.

Project Zomboid – How many players in multiplayer

The number may surprise you, but Up to 100 people can play Project Zomboid in co-op. Previously, the official limit was 32, but the developers increased it. But it is noteworthy that there are so many players You may experience a decrease in stability. It may not be a comfortable game, but it is theoretically possible. So if you have a very large group of peers, nothing can stop you from trying.

However, it’s worth pointing out that in practice the maximum number of players on servers is still mostly around 30, and it’s hard to find anything beyond this magic number. The developers also emphasized that more than 32 players will cause various problems.

How to play Project Zomboid Cope

To play with other players, you must Create your own server or join someone else’s server. To join another server, first tap Join on the start screen and then select Internet. Now select the server. Note that some may be password-protected, but most are open to all players.

Remember that when joining someone else’s server, the game may already be in an advanced state and other players will have an advantage over you or you will have a hard time surviving because the power will be cut off and exploitation will be difficult. to find

If you decide Create your own server, tap Host on the start screen. This will take you to the server creation menu. First choose a name and how much memory you want to allocate to it. Next, you can select Manage settings. It allows you to set many aspects of the game.

There are two tabs that are definitely worth looking at. The the players The tab allows you to set the maximum number of players you want on the server. in Details, you can set a password and whether or not the server is publicly visible. However, the possibilities for customizing the server don’t end there. lucky ones


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