Can you save Connie the dog in The Devil in Me?

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In Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me, players will meet various characters and their fates will depend on the decisions they make. These characters are trapped in Du’Met’s modernized Murder Castle, and your goal is to escape. Connie the dog is one of the characters you will meet, and there is a scenario where you have to decide the fate of the poor creature. This is how you can save Connie in The Devil in Me.

How to save Connie in The Devil in Me?

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In the Homestead chapter, Jaime and Kate will meet Connie the dog. Kate hears a groan inside a wooden shack, and both leads go inside to investigate. Connie is stuck, and this is where Jaime has to make a decision. You can ask for Kate’s help or ask her to hide from her.

We recommend choosing the disguise as this ensures that Kate is in a different room, and it becomes important later on. Soon after, Jaime is faced with another option, where he can kill Connie to stop her from barking and alert Du’Met. Alternatively, you can spare Connie’s life, in which case Du’Met enters the house with an axe. Here is a breakdown of the scenarios you will face in this situation.

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If Kate and Jaime are in the same room and you spare Connie, Du’Met comes in and cracks Jaime’s skull in with an axe, but Kate survives. Similarly, if Kate hides in a different room and you spare Connie’s life, then Du’Met enters the room but Kate attacks him from behind. Connie bites Du’Met, allowing all three characters to escape the clutches of death.

The narrative boils down to this point only if both Kate and Jaime are alive, and we highly recommend keeping them safe. Killing Connie is not a good option at all, so players need to spare the dog. If Connie is alive, she returns in the last chapter (Lake), and you will see her biting Du’Met.

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