Can you play against bots in Dead By Daylight?

Sometimes you don’t want to test your skills as a new Killer against a team of Survivors in your current rank. Chances are you don’t know all the tricks that make an assassin like The Knight really kill. So what’s an aspiring assassin to do? Developer Behavior Interactive has your back. With the Forged in Fog update, bots have been added. Here’s how to set them up.

Does Dead by Daylight have bots?

Forged in Fog launched on November 22, 2022 and allowed players to create custom matches as Killer with bots taking on the role of Survivors. While players cannot progress in custom games, the skills and experience they gain more than make up for it. It’s much more rewarding to learn against bots with a new Killer than it is to go up against a SWF team revving up generators.

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What are bots in Dead by Daylight and what do they do?

The bot and match settings are a bit limited, but they get the job done. Players can choose their map, perks, and how many bots they want to go up against with a limit of four. The bots behave quite similarly to real players and will do the annoying behaviors of dropping paddles on you, healing each other, and using items against you. It’s great practice for getting the feel of a new Assassin or trying out a new loadout before going public.

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