Best Nature for Quaxly, Quaxwell, and Quaquaval Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

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As a starter Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, getting Quaxly’s Nature right is crucial. Nature’s are essential for competitive play, as they buff specific stats and lower others. The right Nature could be the difference between winning or losing. After all, you want your starter to be the best Pokemon on the team! With that in mind, here is the best Nature for Quaxly, Quaxwell, and Quaquava in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

What is the best Nature for Quaxly, Quaxwell, and Quaquaval in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

The best Natures for Quaxly, Quaxwell, and Quaquaval in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are as follows:

  • Sign (+Attack, -Special Attack)
  • Cheerful (+Speed, -Special Attack)

Quaxly mostly has an even distribution of points across its stats, except for Attack, which is its highest valued stat. Adamant will amplify that, but Moxie will allow you to make the first move. Ultimately, Adamant or any Nature that boosts Quaquaval’s Attack is the best choice.

Quaquaval, its final evolution, even has a signature move called the Aqua Step. Aqua Step increases speed after each use. If you unlock Quaquaval’s hidden Moxie ability at the end of the game, it increases speed by one level every turn. In this sense, do you need a Jolly Nature? As long as Quaquaval survives the first turn, he will survive all subsequent turns.

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How to choose the best nature in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

To choose the best Nature for your Pokémon, look up their base stats and move groups. Then consider the stat growth that can complement your moves and the higher offensive stat (Attack or Sp. Atk). Attack affects damage dealt by physical and Sp attacks. Attacks affect damage dealt by special attacks.

Pokemon Nature Chart in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Nature increased stat decreased stat
lonely Attack Defending
Sign Attack special attack
Mischievous Attack Special Defense
Bravo Attack Speed
Bold Defending Attack
Mischievous Defending special attack
Loose Defending Special Defense
Relaxed Defending Speed
Modest special attack Attack
Tempered special attack Defending
Rash special attack Special Defense
Calm special attack Speed
Calm Special Defense Attack
Gentle Special Defense Defending
Careful Special Defense special attack
Bold Special Defense Speed
Shy Speed Attack
Hurried on Speed Defending
Cheerful Speed special attack
Naive Speed Special Defense
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