Best Clans in Kaizen – Clan Tier List

Kaizen is one of the latest action-adventure games on the Roblox platform based on the popular anime Jujutsu Kaisen. Just like in the original series, there are several clans you can join in the game, and depending on your clan selection, you will receive various perks and bonuses that will influence your overall character set. For example, if you are part of the Hoshi clan, you will gain 8% more damage with curses and +200 additional curse energy to your total meter. So if you are a beginner confused about which clan you should choose first, don’t worry. Try to unlock something like the miwa clan and explore other options by studying our carefully created tier list.

All clan in Kaizen – ranked

Note: Clans within each tier are not arranged in any particular rank order.

Level clans
S+ nanami
S Kugisaki, Zenin
A Miwa, Kamo
B. hoshi
C. ino
D. Yoshino, Hari, Haba, Leiri, Sonoda, Eldritch, Sotomura, Takashi, Sasaki, Akiyama, Rayburn,

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The best clans in Kaizen

Best overall clan in Kaizen


  • Although Nanami belongs to the group of less popular semi-rare types, it is the best clan in the game due to its Overtime Angry perk. This additional perk allows its users to gain +100 Health, +250 Stamina, +30% Curse Damage, +30% Weapon Damage, and +30% Melee Damage between 6pm and 6am. in the game. Due to this bonus that almost doubles your base stat at night, you can take out a lot of mobs and enemies, helping you progress much faster in the game. We highly recommend the clan for people trying to finish the main story quest line.

The best clan for beginners in Kaizen


  • Zenin is the best clan for beginners in Kaizen. It is mainly due to the Wrath passive ability that allows users to take 25% less damage with any type of attack, helping novice players to take a beating while learning the various combat skills and techniques in the game. The only drawback is that the clan belongs to the legendary category and it is quite difficult to get since it has a rarity of 1.2% compared to others.

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