Arcane’s Redfall can start later; What about Starfield?


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02 January 2023, 13:32

Redfall – the new game from Arcane Studios (Deathloop, Prey, Dishonored) – is reportedly suffering from internal delays. Will this affect the release of Starfield?

A while ago we informed you that Redfall – the new game from Arcane Studios (Deathloop, Prey, Dishonored) – might come out sooner than we thought. While moving the game’s release date, the developer only stated that it will be released in the first half of 2023. However, a Twitter user with the handle Okami Games has suggested that the title could be released by March.

Same internet user Reports Now that Redfall Another delay was encountered – this time internally. The work stretched over about six weeks, which heralded the game’s release in early May.

Arkanes Redfall can be launched later;  What about Starfield?  - Image #1

Source: Twitter / Okami Games.

Arcane Studios or Bethesda – the publisher of Redfall – No mention of this revelation yet. Their silence is likely calculated to provide all the information at once when the time is right. It could happen at a game show in early 2023 — at least according to Jeff Grubb.

A logical question arising from the above reports is: About what Starfield? Both titles’ launches were eventually delayed at the same time. Fortunately, there are no – at least for now – dire signs. Another thing is that the company might not want to release two big games side by side.

So there is a possibility of making a debut Starfield We have to wait for some more time. Well, at least Bethesda gets a little more time to “patch up” the game. This does not mean that the developer can remove all the bugs…or most of them…or even half of them.

As a reminder, I’d like to add that the two games in question will be released exclusively on PC and Xbox X and S series.

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