All the missions and rewards of the week of the avian ambush in Fortnite

Fortnite is a great battle royale game to play with the whole family, allowing you to join in and try out several different game modes, including player-created modes. There are constantly new updates and content coming to the game that keep it fresh and exciting, including events like Avian Ambush Week. You can complete silly chicken-related tasks to earn tons of extra XP and level up for free so you can complete as much of the battle pass as you can before it’s gone.

All the missions of the week of the avian ambush in Fortnite

All of these missions can be done in standard Fortnite matches, such as Battle Royale or Zero Build. Chickens are scattered in larger numbers than usual, allowing you to find them and complete these tasks more efficiently. Here are all the challenges you can achieve:

  • Catch a chicken in different matches. (3)
  • Deal damage with a chicken peck (1)
  • Fall 4 stories while holding a chicken. (1)
  • Hunt Glowing Loot Chickens (two)
  • Return a chicken to a pen (1)
  • throw chickens (10)
  • Travel while holding a chicken. (300)
  • Use a D-Launcher while holding a chicken (1)

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All the rewards of the week of the avian ambush in Fortnite

You can earn these rewards as you complete the above challenges. It’s a great way to earn XP and level up your Battlepass before it runs out. They will only be available for 1 week, ending around November 29, 2022so get these rewards while you can:

  • Every mission – 20k XP
  • Complete 3 avian ambush missions: 40k XP
  • Complete 5 avian ambush missions: 1 UPPER LEVEL
  • Complete 7 avian ambush missions. 1 UPPER LEVEL

Leveling up, especially once you’re at the higher numbers, can be challenging in Fortnite. It requires more significant amounts of XP and usually requires several challenges or matches to achieve. With these chicken-themed quests, you can easily win multiple levels and get as many skins and accessories as you can from the battle pass.

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