All Black Mous faction missions in Warzone 2 DMZ

Black Mous is the third faction in the DMZ game mode of Call of Duty: Warzone. Completing missions for this group earns you special in-game rewards such as weapon blueprints, operator skins, XP, and more. Once you have completed the Tier 2 missions for the Legion and White Lotus Factions, you can attempt the following tasks assigned by Black Mous in the DMZ.

Black Mous Faction Quests Level 1

Mission Chores rewards
always listening 1. Pick up five radios dropped by neutralized AQ members
2. Kill 15 hostiles marked by radios
1. Lachmann-762 Contraband
2. 5000 XP
weapons research 1. Complete a Squad Hunt contract
2. Extract an enemy operator’s weapon
1. “No Leadership” Calling Card
2. 5000 XP
vintage collection 1. Collect 12 bottles of liquor or wine
2. Sell 12 bottles of liquor or wine in a store.
1. Strength Card
2. 5000 XP
cargo manager 1. Complete a Freight Delivery contract
2. Completely repair and refuel the transport vehicle.
1. Contraband Lockwood MK2
2. 5000 XP
one man army 1. Infiltration without teammates
2. Extract in the same deployment
1. Sailor’s Toolbox Key
2. 5000 XP
team player 1. Hold down the ping wheel to request to join two nearby enemy Operators. 1. Dual Weapon XP Token
2. 5000 XP
who is watching 1. Acquire a tactical camera
2. Set up a tactical camera pointing at the underpass at Rohan Oil
3. Take a snapshot of five enemies in Rohan Oil with a tactical camera
1. Blueprint “Amethyst Dash”
2. 10,000 XP

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We will update this guide by adding information on the remaining Legion faction missions as we unlock the new levels in the DMZ.

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