Akuma Pirates Codes (November 2022)

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You can earn Beli and Gems in Akuma Pirates by completing missions and defeating enemies around the world. This currency is used to buy useful equipment and fruits that give you abilities and strengthen your character as you continue on your journey.

You can also get rewards instantly by using in-game codes. The developers give out codes for players to redeem free items that can give them a head start on their experience.

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List of all Akuma Pirates codes

Updated November 22, 2022

Added three new codes.

Akuma Pirates Codes (Working)

Here’s a look at all of the Akuma Pirates job codes.

  • UPDATE1—Redeem for 250k Beli (New)
  • 900FAV—Redeem for 250k Beli (New)
  • 100KVISITS—Redeem for 250k Beli (New)
  • dominate x2—Exchange for Beli
  • TestSoPro—Exchange for Beli
  • KC11R—Redeem for Beli
  • Theeratuch—Exchange for Beli
  • moppydev—Redeem for stat reset
  • PandaDev—Exchange for Beli
  • ZsaerNight—Exchange for Beli
  • banana head—Exchange for Beli
  • zuko—Redeem for a stat reset

Akuma Pirates Codes (Expired)

These Akuma Pirates codes no longer work.

  • UPDATE 0.5!— Redeem for a free stat reset!
  • Release— Redeem it for 100,000 free Beli!
  • Sub2DominateX2Redeem it for three free gems!
  • WinterRedeem it for a free gem!
  • 10kVisits— Redeem for Beli or free gems!
  • 250Active— Redeem for Beli or free gems!
  • 1Visits—Redeem for rewards
  • reset statistics—Redeem for rewards
  • 100Active—Redeem for rewards
  • 500Active—Redeem for rewards
  • 100kVisits—Redeem for rewards
  • Wut Kung—Redeem for rewards
  • NEW—Redeem for rewards
  • Obito TV—Redeem for rewards
  • JZ Games—Redeem for rewards
  • NewResetStats—Redeem for rewards

Akuma Pirates FAQ

Here is everything you need to know about akuma pirates codes.

How to Redeem Akuma Pirates Codes

Redeeming Akuma Pirates is a quick and easy process.

Image from Pro Game Guides
  1. you will have to be level 100+ to use codes in Akuma Pirates.
  2. In the game, press the Adjustment menu in the upper left side from the screen
  3. Enter your code in the text box exactly as shown in the list above.
  4. Press Get into on your keyboard to enjoy your rewards!

How can you get more Akuma Pirates codes?

Developers often give out codes during an update, event, or when a goal is met, such as reaching a specific number of likes. Some developers will place the codes directly in the game’s description or image to notify players when they are available. However, others may require you to follow them on their social media accounts, such as Twitter or Discord. You can follow Akuma Pirates on his Akuma production. discord server, to stay updated. For your convenience, you can also bookmark this page and check back at any time to see when a new code has been added.

Why aren’t my Akuma Pirates codes working?

There are several reasons why your codes may be working correctly. The main cause is that the codes have already expired. Since the codes are regularly in and out of the game, they can expire without notice. We try to keep our lists up to date, but if you notice a change before we do, feel free to leave a comment below and we’ll try to fix it as soon as possible.

It’s also important to double check your spelling every time you enter codes. They are almost always case sensitive, so the slightest typo could make them appear invalid. Make sure you enter them exactly as shown in the list above or, if the game allows it, copy and paste to avoid problems.

What are Gamepasses in Akuma Pirates?

Gamepasses are special boosts and items that can only be obtained by purchasing them with Robux. You can find them listed under the Store on the game page.

  • BlackBlade – R$500
  • Speed ​​boat – R$ 150
  • Money 2x – R$ 250
  • EXP 2x – R$300

What is Akuma Pirates?

Akuma Pirates is an anime-inspired Roblox adventure experience, One piece. Explore multiple islands around the sea, face powerful enemies, complete quests, and try to collect rare devil fruits to gain your abilities. As you level up, you can increase your stats to strengthen your fighting technique and defeat advanced bosses. Get together with friends to travel the seas and complete missions together.

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