9 Most Important Tips For Beginners In Warzone 2

Warzone 2.0 can be an overwhelming experience as a new player. However, even veteran Warzone players may find it difficult to understand the myriad of new features packed into the game. Al Mazrah is a large map with tons of activities, points of interest, AI enemy combatants, and other players vying for the victory royale. If you want to get to the top, you need to start implementing some winning strategies into your game. The following is a guide that includes several key tips and tricks for beginners in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0.

Adjust game settings for performance

First things first: if you want to outplay enemies, you need to have a smooth gameplay experience. For this reason, consider trading visual fidelity for performance. just go to your game Settings from the Menu and change the Graphics settings to maximize FPS. The higher the frame rate, the better the game will run on your device.

learn the map

Al Mazrah is a large map and contains several points of interest that you may not be familiar with. However, many of these locations were taken directly from the Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer maps. So a great way to get familiar with the locations in Al Mazrah is to play multiplayer matches and learn each POI. A better understanding of the map will allow you to decide where you should land, as well as give you the edge should you find yourself in combat.

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Prioritize important loot

You’ll be fighting for loot the moment you set foot in Al Mazrah. To get ready for combat as quickly as possible, you need to prioritize important loot to pick up first. The following are the best items to loot first in Warzone 2.0:

  • weapons – Always make sure to acquire weapons as quickly as possible. Ideally speaking, your loadout should include a medium to long-range weapon, such as an assault rifle or SMG. For the second weapon, you can go for a sniper rifle or a launcher.
  • armor plates / armor vests – Picking up upgraded armor vests, such as the 2-Plate Armor Vest and 3-Plate Armor Vest, is crucial to surviving firefights. Along with armored vests, make sure to collect as many armor plates as possible to constantly keep your shields up.
  • Tactical / lethal team – Tactical and lethal teams are important as they give you additional offensive and defensive measures to use in combat.
  • Gas mask – Gas masks are important for the later stages of the match where the zone is reduced. Getting caught in the toxic green fumes of the end zone can quickly end in death, so always keep a mask on hand.

Create a custom payload

In Warzone, you can create a custom equipment with your favorite weapons, accessories, equipment and perks packs. Getting your custom loadout with the weapon of your choice can be a huge advantage in Battle Royale. To get your custom gear in a match, you can raid enemy strongholdsor loot equipment drops that drop at random locations on the map.

Clear out enemy Strongholds and Black Sites

Enemy strengths they are fortified enemy bases that are activated at various locations in Al Mazrah shortly after the match starts. Players can raid these enemy Strongholds for valuable loot, including a Loadout Drop to get their custom loadouts. black sites they are beefier versions of Strongholds, including a strong Juggernaut enemy that players must defeat. Black Sites will provide even more valuable loot, as well as rewarding players with a permanent weapon blueprint.

Complete Objectives and Contracts

In addition to enemy Strongholds, players can also face various contracts to win a good part of XP Y money soon. Contracts can be found on the map indicated by a logo that resembles a green mobile phone. The following are all types of Contracts in Warzone 2.0:

  • Generosity
  • Most wanted
  • Safeblower
  • intel secure
  • tactical nuke

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Buy items at the shopping station

Once you have enough cash, don’t hoard it! You can buy valuable items from Buy Stations, including Weapons, Killstreaks, Tactical and Lethal Equipment. Additionally, you can also revive downed teammates from Buy Stations. They can be found on the map indicated by the shopping cart logo.

Interrogate fallen enemies

This is one of the most important things to look out for after successfully taking down an enemy player. Interrogation is a feature in Warzone 2.0 where you can interact with a fallen opponent to extract information about the whereabouts of their teammates. When you take down an enemy, don’t finish them off. Instead, use the Interrogation feature to reveal the location of the rest of your teammates on the map.

Communicate with your squad members

Communication is the key to forming a synergy with your squad members. Always make sure whistle Important loot, enemies and points of interest to report to your teammates. Also, use the voice chat function to convey more information to squadmates.

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