5 video games you should play before you die

5.) Halo 3 (2007)

Why: The Halo series is unique. Gathered friends to face off against each other in epic space combat. Halo 3 is perhaps the best of the series when it comes to glorified multiplayer, with a dramatic story with no shortage of opera music tracks and rugged character customization. Many titles are still trying to replicate what Halo did and it just can’t be matched.

4.) Minecraft (2011)

Why: Minecraft is one of the best-selling video games of all time, so you’d have to live under a rock as a gamer to never have found it. You can create your own world basically and do whatever you want. If you think it, then you can create it. The good thing about Minecraft is that it is offered on almost all platforms, including smartphones. This game is good to let your mind wander and become an artist.

3.) Super Mario 64 (1996)

Why: Mario is one of the most well-known titles, but anyone can tell you that this could be the best game in the franchise. The game is not like any of its predecessors because this was the first 3D platformer in the series. It’s a bigger world than the previous ones and the extra moves and jumps that Mario can do make the game faster and more exciting. There are a total of 120 stars and the game has a lot of replay value. Mario platformers are still being made today and none of them can still come close to how good this game was.

2.) Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (1998)

Why: Everyone has their favorite Zelda game, but Ocarina of Time encompasses the best features of the glorified series. There’s a massive world you’re free to explore, a gorgeous score, and a truly remarkable origin story. The dungeons aren’t too challenging, but intricate enough that you don’t get too upset when you can’t solve a puzzle.

1.) Pokémon X and Y (2013)

Why: Whether you’re a kid or an adult, with this franchise that never seemed to matter. Pokémon revolutionized what it meant to bring characters like Pikachu to life. They modernized the portable multiplayer game and made it what it is today. X and Y is one of the newer titles, which is great because the game never stops using the old characters adults grew up with.

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